"When you played your song - Love Is All Around - I felt goosebumps throughout ... hauntingly beautiful" - Suzie McDarra.

'You  guys are awesome, I love your songs and can't wait to sing them at home' - Tasman Banks.

Enjoy a night of beautiful uplifting music in the comfort of your own home.


You Provide The Venue and We'll Provide The Entertainment!



How do house concerts work?


Basically we will come to your house (or chosen venue) and perform our show for the listening pleasure of you, your friends and family.


How long does the show last?


Officially 1 hour, although we often end up playing for quite a bit longer. 


Do we have to provide anything?


Just your home and of course some seating for your guests. We've performed street parties before, where everyone simply stood and danced around us. So you can be as imaginative as you like regarding seating arrangements.   


Food and drinks - It's up to you! Some people provide food for their guests. Most of the time however, everyone brings a plate of their own delicious creation and everybody shares mmmm. Of course BYO drinks is usually the norm.


Equipment - We will of course provide all their own equipment (eg: instruments and sound system). If you happen to have a piano you would like us to play, then do let us know. 


Where are you based? 


We are based in Sydney, Australia although 

we do tour. Of course, where we travel to depends largely on demand, so if you live outside of our home town and are interested in having us, do let us know. We may well come on over.         


How much does it cost?


The way our house concerts work is you provide your home as a venue and then invite all your friends. It's suggested that 

guests make a donation of just $15 per person.  


How do we book?


Simply send us an email at -




Easy as that!

“Your songs put me in a happy peaceful mood - Suzie Good

Here's a video of us performing our

(soon to be recorded) song

'Like The Ocean'

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