Sydney based adult contemporary piano duo Ryan & Fi are like a fusion of Elton John, Carole King, The Beatles and Sony & Cher. With a distinct uplifting sound, they play a mix of heartfelt love ballads, beautiful duets and instrumentals.


   Ryan started playing piano as a 10 year old child in England and began composing his own songs as soon as he knew enough to put some simple chords together.


   He recalls: “I’d rarely practise the scales my teacher set me but instead spent each day writing my own songs. He thought I was slacking off, but my parents would tell him they could hear me playing for hours every day so he was confused. He asked what I was actually playing and I told him it was my own compositions. I reluctantly played him a few and thought he wouldn’t be very impressed so I was happily surprised when he told me how good they were. I guess that was the moment my passion for song writing began.”

   In his late teens, he moved from the UK to Australia and cut his teeth at a duelling piano bar on the Gold Coast, playing songs from The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel and Jerry Lee Lewis. 

   Eventually moving to Sydney to pursue his own original music, he met Fi by chance in a local café. Fi’s background was in musical theatre and she’d spent many years performing in various bands and shows.


   Fi recalls their initial meeting: “We connected immediately. We loved the same artists, the same music and shared a huge passion for the piano. After listening to his solo CD, I knew I’d found a musical soulmate.”

   Soon after meeting, they joined forces to create their own unique sound. Sharing the leads and adding beautiful 2 part harmonies to every song, their music is pleasing to the ear, with Fi’s smooth alto tone complementing Ryan’s raspy rock voice.


   Fi explains, “I fell in love with harmonies during my choir and stage musical days. I was always looking for a like-minded performer and found it in Ryan. Fortunately our voices blended well together. The fact that he played piano was an added bonus. It was like we had a 3rd part, creating a complete harmonic sound."

   The duo released their debut EP ‘Golden’ in late 2015, selling over 1000 physical copies in their first year while out busking. Featuring 6 tracks, the EP has been a huge hit with their growing tribe of followers and they’ve continued to build a local Sydney fan base through their live performances, both on the street and in their own stage shows.


   Having largely been a Sydney based live performance act, they are now focussing their efforts online as a way of sharing their music with a wider audience internationally. They are gradually building a following of loyal fans around the world on their Facebook page and in their Fan Club. They describe both as “a great way to directly engage with our followers, share our music and discover the type of songs that resonate most with our growing fanbase.


   They are currently in the process of recording 2 new full length albums, one of their love duets and another of piano instrumentals with both due to be released in mid 2018. The albums will include the songs that have been fan favourites on their Facebook page, with their Fan Club members and at their live shows. They also have their sights set on touring around Australia next year and then internationally over the next few years. In the meantime, they plan to continue writing, performing on the streets and on line, releasing new music regularly and growing their fan base around the globe into the future.

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