We're an original Australian contemporary duo, best known for our inspirational heartfelt love ballads and sweet soft harmonies. Our music is a reflection of our experiences in life, the ups and downs, the joys and struggles, of love, loss and longing which leaves the listener with a feeling of recognition, hope and comfort.


   We're currently finishing up recording our first full length album, 'Connections', a collection of 14 of our favourite love ballads that we've enjoyed performing live over the years. We'll be giving away the first 5 singles from the album to anyone who joins our subscriber list, sending the first one out in September this year and then one every month thereafter. All going well, we then hope to launch the new album around May next year with an intimate show in Sydney.

    In the meantime, if you become one of our subscribers now, you'll receive our most popular single 'Well Together' from our 2015 Golden EP. Just click on the link on our home page and enjoy! 


Ryan & Fi xx :-)